Manifesting: Vision Boards, Affirmations & Awaiting our Desires – Part 2 of Top 10 Series


Manifesting Quickly vs. Manifesting Slowly

While we wait for certain things to manifest in our lives; we can acknowledge and rejoice in the things that have already manifested and thank our consciousness for allowing these things to come into our lives.  We can also use the areas in our lives where we are not seeing manifestations as an identifier of the blocks or obstacles that still exist within our consciousness.

Often there are areas in our lives that seem to flow while others seem to be perpetually blocked.  This is not to dismay us; merely to illustrate to us that we still have beliefs within our subconscious that are hindering our success.  The good news is there is a way to bring to the surface these hindering beliefs and be rid of them for good.

It is imperative to be aware of what’s working as well as what’s not working in our lives;  both are simply signals to us that we still have some work to do.   I am aware of these areas in my own life and will share with you how I have unblocked certain areas and my progress in others.

In the early summer I put four cheques, written out to myself (from the Universe) on my vision board.

1. The amount of my teaching salary for the year.

2. The amount I needed to consolidate and take care of my bills.

3. The price I wanted for my house.

4. A random, but generous amount of money that I would receive from an unexpected source that would allow me to be free of worry and financial pressures in order to write and travel at leisure.

Two of these cheques have already manifested themselves in the physical and financial form: My salary through the job that I obtained and the money I needed for my bills.

In the meantime:


I am in-the-meantime regarding # 3 and # 4 and I am rejoicing in the things that have already happened and the things that are about to happen. What I want to stress is that once things begin to flow in our lives, we must rejoice in them and we can also  utilize them to convince our subconscious that we indeed receive the things in which we need and for  which we ask. It is not always easy to be patient and keep our faith in-the-meantime; however, if we focus on the times in our lives and the things that have manifested, we are better equipped to handle those times that it appears nothing is happening.

Trusting that the Seed will Sprout


This period is much like the time between planting a seed in the ground, covering it and waiting for it to sprout through the surface of the soil.  We always trust that the flower or plant will grow because that is the nature of growth within our universe.  In addition, we have past experience to build on as we have seen many seeds planted that have manifested a harvest.  Hence, remembering and reviewing the things – small or large – that have already manifested in our lives is very important.  It provides the faith for next time to hang in there when it seems nothing is happening.  It is similar to the period of time between going for an interview and receiving the job. On our end of things, it feels like all we are doing is waiting and there is nothing going on; but this is not the case. What is going on behind the scenes may be our interviewers are calling our references, juggling work responsibilities to be clear on what our duties will be, completing other commitments they have and simply taking their time to be sure they choose the best person for the job. Of course, we hope we are that person.

When you are waiting for your home to sell, you also are active in the meantime by getting the For Sale sign, posting ads in the paper and on-line, having open houses and getting the house ready to be shown. Meanwhile the future buyer for your house is busy looking through ads, applying for financing at their bank, double checking that they can afford your asking price, thinking about where they want to live and finally, making a phone call or coming by your open house to see it. They then need to review their finances again, think about the decision, talk it over with their partner or family and then get the courage to pick up the phone and call you and make an offer. Often, there are many things going on behind the scenes that we are unaware of and in that time it appears that nothing is happening when it could not be further from the truth. In that time, we need to buckle down and say our affirmations more, close our eyes and envision that job, partner or buyer coming into our lives, feel the excitement and joy of what that person or thing will bring us and be convinced even more that our seed will manifest into something wonderful.

Dig in and Push Harder

I liken it to the endurance athletes at the Olympics; such as the rowers. Apparently, the last 500 metres are gruelling on their body and they often feel like they are going to pass out or vomit because of the lactic acid and other physiological reactions their bodies are having to the stress of working so hard. These athletes have trained for this exact phenomenon; they have been trained to push through this feeling until their bodies actually acclimatize to the pressure and can work harder to push them past the finish line to their win. This is what it feels like in-the-meantime – like we want to give up, give in and have relief from the pain or discomfort  when nothing seems to be happening. This is the time to dig in our heels, push harder and be clear in our mind of the finish line and what we first set out to accomplish.

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