Exercises that Lift Our Vibrational Energy – Part 3 of Top 5 Video Series

girls with arms out spread on beach

It is so important to feel good because feeling good and being positive about our lives is probably the number one key to attracting more people, experiences and things to our lives that continue to make us feel this way.  But let’s face it, we don’t always wake up feeling good or come home from work feeling good.  That’s why it’s important to do two things.  #1:  Make a list of the things that make us feel instantly better – only you can know what those are – as they are different for everyone – and keep the list handy so you can easily reach for it and remember it.  It may be hugging your pet, having a cup of coffee and taking a few minutes to sit by yourself, or taking a walk.  #2:  We need to have an archive of resources that we can go to when we just can’t get out of our own funk.  I have found that laughing at YouTube videos of funny animals or people is one of the quickest ways to help me do this.  However, what if we are at work and this isn’t an option?

I found a video that comprises seven very easy techniques – some of which you could do at your desk at work  or in the washroom – some of which I’m sure you would prefer to do in the privacy of your own home.  Either way, I tried these techniques – in the video, Julia Rogershamrick demonstrates these techniques in a way that is easy to learn – and they actually work.  Some of which you have to repeat but what I found was that they were easy to learn and to remember so that you can use them at any point during the day. Of course, different things work for different people, so do not get discouraged if certain things do not work for you right away or at all.

May your day be filled with great energy!


***Stay tuned for my next Blog # 28 for the Top # 3 inspirational and uplifting  Vibrational Video.


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