Foods that Lift Our Vibrational Energy – Part 2 of Top 5 Video Series

Healthy Food

Similar to colour, music and images, food has an enormous influence on how we feel and our vibrational energy.  As you have probably heard before, we are like cars; if we are filled with optimal fuel we run well.  If we were to put sugar or oil in the gas tank; the car would develop major issues and probably become sluggish and stop working all together.

Our bodies are very similar.  Now, sugar and oil on a moderate level is fine for us; but similar to cars, we need to watch what we use as fuel within our bodies.  Our blood vessels are very much like the hoses within a car  – once clogged, they are very difficult to get unclogged and sometimes have to be completely replaced which can be costly and well, not what we truly want to have to deal with.  So beginning today, what can we do to feed our bodies and our minds  the fuel it deserves?

The websites and videos that I have researched regarding food and and how they affect our vibrational level contain very similar information and warnings about what we should and should not be eating.  I  chose the website below as it is informative not only about what foods one should ingest for  higher vibrational energy, but it also has a chart inclusive of  the vibrational levels of food.

There is also a video I have included and while it is really about losing weight by avoiding certain foods, it goes into much more details about what those foods are and why we should avoid them; it may be of interest to some people who have been struggling with their weight with little or no success.  The video is somewhat long (but still worth listening to although at the end, they do try to convince you to buy their products) so I have condensed the portion of what they mentioned were the top five things to AVOID:

Top 5 foods (and drink)  NOT to ingest:

1.  High sugar foods/drinks that are processed such as any kind of concentrated juices – orange, apple, cranberry, etc. as the concentrating process actually removes the fibre and nutrients one would normally find in the fruit and leaves a high level of sugar.  Without the fibre to balance the sugar level, our own sugar levels become raised when we ingest it in this form – this creates a false sense of higher vibration – or energy – and it is short-lasting and actually causes us to experience sugar crashes.  Ingested on a long term basis, these concentrated and processed juices are the reason why so many people are developing diabetes – particularly type 2 diabetes.

2.  Avoid margarine – and whenever possible eat butter.  I have heard this said a number of times and the reason is that margarine is processed and has enormous amounts of transfat that our bodies do not breakdown and it ‘sticks’ in our bodies and our arteries indefinitely.  This raises our cholesterol, fat storage and can lead to cardiovascular disease over time.  Butter has fat too but it is a natural type of fat – naturally occurring in dairy products.

I once attended a conference on nutrition and the woman leading it stated, “If you can leave “it” out on your counter for more than 2-3 days and it doesn’t go bad; then you shouldn’t eat it.”  This makes a lot of sense – can you imagine if it “sits” for days and doesn’t break down in the open air; what it does within our bodies?

3.  Whole Wheat Bread, Pasta and other grains (cereals)  – are extremely high in carbohydrates and also cause our sugar levels to increase quite quickly; while that is happening, they may “feel” like comfort foods but they also cause quick crashes – which cause us to feel shaky, hungry again or sluggish.  However, these types of foods mixed with a proper amount of protein can be just fine for us.  For example, if you are going to eat toast for breakfast, have peanut butter on it which has a high level of protein.  If you eat pasta, have it with chicken or some other form of protein.  This balances the sugar – and its vibrational level – keeping us feeling more balanced too.

4.  Processed Soy or Tofu – again because of the same reasons above – due to being processed and having the nutrients and other healthier elements stripped from of it – which is very similar to any foods that are genetically modified – it causes the food to have a vibrational imbalance and therefore is not digested properly in our bodies.

5.  CornGenetically modified corn is what the video was stressing to avoid – again, for the same reasons above.

This is all elaborated on in the following video:

Now, the best part:  What foods are good for our vibrational levels?

The guide regarding eating food with high vibrational energy is very close to what nutritionists tell us about eating healthy and helping to reduce the stress on the environment:  stick to choosing our food from the outside isles of the grocery store.  Meaning, choose vegetables, meats and whole grains that have as little packaging as possible.  These foods are high in nutrition, low in packaging and as it turns out, they are the same foods that contain the highest vibrational energy.  Think of an orange, yellow and red pepper – their colours are brilliant and usually if colours seem brilliant to the eye than they have a high level of energy.

So what other things should we include in our grocery carts?  I couldn’t summarize it or write it any better than the website below so I am simply including it here for your perusal!   Remember, you are what you eat; so you might as well make it high in vibrational energy!

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