Colour Lifts Our Vibrational Energy – Part 4 of Top 5 Video Series

We all know that colour – and not just seeing it, but wearing it and even what we eat – can affect our moods and interestingly, can instantly increase or decrease our vibrational energy.  How many of us have put on one colour in the morning and have instantly felt either that the colour was just right for our mood or it has made us feel uncomfortable and we have changed out of it?

This is an important message to listen to as our bodies resonate energy and so do colours – sometimes if we are resonating on a lower vibrational energy, we actually feel better if we put on a higher vibrational colour and sometimes, it might actually make us feel strange in that it doesn’t “fit our mood” that day.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we shouldn’t wear it; but how do we know what message it is sending us?

Well, I have researched some videos on the vibrational levels of colours – above is just a fun outline of what colours can resonate about our personalities – but it has been scientifically proven that colour is simply a wavelength that contains and resonates certain vibrational energy.  The best way to know what we should be wearing – and this is particularly important in colder climates when we are less likely to see colourful flowers or natural stimuli – is to educate ourselves first on how colour has been used throughout history and what each colour resonates vibrationally.

The video that I have included here – there are many worth perusing online and on YouTube – provides a good start in terms of educating ourselves about vibrational colour and adds a link for more information.  In addition, while you read a little bit about colour and its vibrational energy; the colour and the music that is provided is very soothing which is an additional tool to balancing our emotions and helping us to feel more centred; therefore, helping us to resonate at a higher vibrational level.  Remember, while movement is wonderful, sometimes sitting quietly focusing on what we are seeing and hearing and getting tuned into our senses can be a great way to lift our vibrational level – as long as what we are doing helps us to feel at peace or gives us an inner sense of joy –  then we know we are resonating in a better field.

I would recommend that you do not click on the link unless you have a good 4-5 minutes – it isn’t very long, but to truly enjoy it and its information, you will want to take a few minutes – to spend viewing it.  Enjoy!

Colour and our Subconscious:

Colour and its Vibrational Levels:

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