Gratitude – Top 5 Feel Good Ideas – Part 3 of Top 5 Series


I cannot express how important Gratitude is in life.  It brings children an appreciation of what they have; it brings adults a reminder of how blessed they are – even amidst difficult times.  This past month I have lost a good friend to murder, a cousin to a tragic car accident and another good friend to cancer.  I have also lost a number of close friends that I went to school with; two of whom committed suicide.

Every time I begin to feel sorry for myself about any circumstances in my own life; here is what I begin to do.  I remember Dave and how he used to love to run; so I run even harder.  I remember Tim and how he used to love to laugh and dance – so I make sure I get out and dance regularly and remember to laugh.  I remember Kip and how he used to love to have parties – so I throw dinner parties often.  I remember my dad and how he used to read funny comics and laugh and how kind he was – and so I watch funny YouTube videos and try to be as kind as possible to people.  I remember Vern and how he lived his dreams on his Catamaran – and I remember to keep working towards my dreams.  I remember Justin – who was only 24 when he died this past Christmas day who was so young – and I am thankful that I have had so many  years to live – and I remember not to waste them.  And I remember Rosa – who was so excited about writing a screenplay for the first time in her life – and so I write and I write and I write!

This is what we are to do with tragedy – we feel our grief and we work through it and then we go out and live for those people who are not with us anymore.  And most importantly, we give thanks:

If we have a job; appreciate it even more for all those right now looking for work.

If we have our health; rejoice in it for all those who do not.

If we have food on the table each day; give thanks before we eat it  and remember all those who are hungry.

If we have a friend, tell them regularly how grateful we are that they are in our lives – for all of the people who are alone in this world.

My father used to say to me, “when you feel down, never look up – look down.  There is surely someone who has less than you and would be glad to be in your shoes.”

This is why I did some research about activities we can do today to help us to feel more grateful about our lives; and you know the wonderful thing about being grateful?  It helps us to feel so much better about our lives and often can lift us out of our blue mood – and it also brings more and more good things to our lives.  Like attracts like.  When we send out gratitude vibrations, there is an energy that vibrates at a level that automatically brings more things for which to be grateful.

What are some Gratitude Attitude Activities?

I saw this on the Facebook page “Feel Good” and thought it was a wonderful idea:

# 1.


#2.  Gratitude Journal:   Each day in your journal or you can purchase “Simple Abundance Gratitude Journal” by Sara Ban Breathnach which actually has each day already prepared for you to write the top 5 things for which you are grateful.  If not, then grab a piece of paper and begin writing today either when you wake up or when you go to bed about the 5 things you are grateful for that day.   Sara’s website:

3.  Gratitude Affirmations: These are from my Blog # 3 “Gratitude Brings Changes in Attitude” for more reflection and information about gratitude.

Some simple gratitude affirmations are:

I am thankful for being me.

I am thankful for my loving pets.

I am thankful for the abundance I already have in my life.

I am thankful for the meal I had tonight.

I am grateful for the job I have.

One thing that is very important if we are attempting to manifest new or better things in our lives, in terms of love, friendships, places to live, a car, or just about anything we desire, we must never grumble or be negative about what we already have.

A sure way to make sure that the Universe never provides us with a new car is to grumble about the one we have or complain about the home we have now, if we are searching for a new place to live.  We must find the beauty in what we possess now and then begin to ask the Universe to provide the newer or better one.

4.  Looking for Beauty:  Today, either while you drive to work, at work or in your home or community, make it your mission to look around and see the beauty in something and take a minute to be thankful for it.  It may be the beauty in the sunrise, a picture, a poster, a person, yourself in the mirror, a mother holding the hand of a child, or a flock of birds overhead.  Then make it a daily habit to see as much beauty in the world as possible.  Elizabeth Taylor‘s mother, while she was pregnant with Elizabeth made a habit of looking at beautiful things each and every day and often would gaze at lavender Violas and always claimed that was why Elizabeth was born with eyes the colour of lavender (bluish purple).

5.  Watch Gratitude Videos:  There are many gratitude videos on the internet – while some include affirmations of being grateful and then include manifesting statements, I chose one that simply had reminders of why it is important to be grateful in our lives – even in the times of setbacks.  It is easy to be grateful when things are good and when we are manifesting what we desire – true growth in life, however, requires us to feel this way even when nothing seems to be happening.  Maintaining gratitude will help us to sustain our faith in these times.

Now go out and live today with gratitude – and especially for those in your life who are no longer here.  Remember them for what they loved to do and be thankful you still can!

Namaste my friends…PS.  I am SO grateful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read my blog – it means the world to me!

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One thought on “Gratitude – Top 5 Feel Good Ideas – Part 3 of Top 5 Series

  1. Just came across your blog -It us great. Thank you. Expressing gratitude for the man I love brought a wonderful shift in our relationship – now I think about what I appreciate as often as I possibly can.

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