F.E.A.R: Is it Getting in Your Way or Trying to Help You? Part 1 of Top 5 Series

intuition chart

FEAR:  What is it?  Perhaps you can decide from which acronym about FEAR you are currently making decisions in your life:

F.E.A.R.    Forget Everything and Run!  (Natural Fight or Flight Response)

F.E.A.R.    Fight Everything & Everyone and Regret it!  (Reactionary Response)

F.E.A.R.    False Expectations Appearing Real (Worrying Unnecessarily)

F.E.A.R.    Forgetting Everything’s All Right (Distorted Perception)

The interesting thing about fear is that it encompasses many aspects; it may be a natural response to something or someone intending to do us harm; it may be a reaction based on past experiences; it may be our own need to worry unnecessarily; or it may be all in our imagination.

On some level, fear is ancestral – it is a natural response to stimuli that we are perceiving – and may be truly – harmful.  However, it can also be a present reaction to any number of negative past experiences (a broken heart) that we have had; or a lack of response to opportunities because of statements that we have been told in our lives, such as, “Don’t become a musician/writer/artist/photographer!  You’ll never make a living at it!”  that keep us in our comfort zone.  And sometimes, it may simply be our own minds creating fear based on certain thoughts we are entertaining.

How can we tell the difference? 

When can fear be a gift? 

Fear or the “Fight or Flight” response to a stimulus is often connected to what I wrote about in my last blog series:  Our Sixth Sense – Are we Listening?  We have been given a gift of intuition that speaks to us from a very deep place – or perhaps even a higher knowing – in order to protect us from certain people, places and situations.  This is the voice of fear to which we should listen.

This is highlighted and explained in detail in Gavin De Becker’s book, entitled, The Gift of Fear. He explores how fear is a gift that can be used to keep us safe.  In fact, how he refers to fear is more about our intuitive voice and what it tells us BEFORE we get ourselves into trouble.  The Gift of Fear is an “…empowering book”…in which, “Gavin de Becker shows you how to spot even subtle signs of danger—before it’s too late. Shattering the myth that most violent acts are unpredictable, de Becker, whose clients include top Hollywood stars and government agencies, offers specific ways to protect yourself and those you love.”

I highly recommend it as the crimes that he has researched are very interesting; however, if you’re interested in just a sample of one of the stories he uses to highlight this issue, please refer to the following site for the excerpt from his book.


There are certainly times when we find ourselves in scary situations and exposed to people who if not meaning to do us violent harm; may very well be manipulative or unhealthy for us.  This is the type of fearful response that we should listen to.  Usually, long before anyone can do us harm or hurt us or manipulate us, our intuitive voice has been telling us to extricate ourselves from this person’s life or the situation and we haven’t listened.  (See chart above!) It is time we do listen; as it may just save our sanity, if not our lives!

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