Deciding to Have a Habit of Faith

woman breathing

Scripture:  Hebrews 4:  “Those who have believed, do enter the rest of God. ”

As I sit here with no job perhaps after this Friday and perhaps not for semester two or the summer; and yet, I have a rent payment, a car payment, a loan payment, bills, groceries and gas; not to mention all the other things that I do in my life – that I could give up, but don’t really want to.

How am I at peace at this very moment?  Why I am not anxious, worried or ruminating?  Because I am determined to REST.  Which means, not that worried thoughts do not come up and enter my mind about these things – but every time it happens, I literally swipe my hands like I’m sweeping with a broom – and I sweep, sweep it away and replace it this scripture:

The Lord is my shepherd

and I shall not be in want

Believe IN God – the someone who wants good for us

Not IN something – that may or may not be good for us!

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