About Tanya M. Cooper


Hear Tanya speak about her new book and how to begin LOVING your LIFE!


Tanya M. Cooper is a published author of her most recent non-fiction work, entitled, L.O.V.E. Live a Life Of Vibrant Energy (Change Your Story – Change Your Life) and two novels, The Matriarch of La Bonita and The Wayward Daughters. Tanya has a Bachelor of Honours degree in English and History and her Bachelor of Education. She taught in Colombia, South America for three years and the last ten throughout Canada.

She trained with the Gestalt Institute of Toronto for four years to be a Psycho-therapist and has offered many workshops to teachers as well as the community on subjects such as self-esteem, eating disorders, neuropsychology and re-training the mind.  Tanya has written and spoken for her own radio program called, On Second Thought with a local radio station and has been featured in many articles in local newspapers regarding publishing her novels.

Her passions are travelling, teaching, writing and speaking regarding social justice. She hopes to educate and inspire others to speak out about injustice and also to inspire young adults to pursue their education and ultimately, their dreams.

Tanya is currently teaching, researching and writing her fourth novel, while also developing her blog Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses, which she intends to publish as a handbook in conjunction with giving workshops on how to develop self-esteem, success and ultimately the life that we desire. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

About Tanya’s Novels

resized for kindle

The Matriarch of La Bonita is a story of one woman’s quest for truth as she embarks on a journey to Colombia, South America. She is hired as an English tutor for a Colombian family, while researching for her thesis on social injustice. What Faith doesn’t know is that the family in which she comes to live, holds as much conflict and mystery as the country itself.

What begins as a journey dedicated to research becomes an adventure deep into the heart of the vast Andes mountains, where Faith is both mentally and physically challenged beyond her imagination. She survives being kidnapped, has to change her identity, fights amongst the strongest political guerilla band in Colombian history, only to face her biggest challenge: facing the truth about herself.

In a country that offers little grace, The Matriarch of La Bonita is a story of three generations of women, all struggling to find contentment, amidst a family and a land that are divided against themselves.

wayward daughters resized for kindle

the wayward daughters – Synopsis

The wayward daughters is a story of a small town fisherman whose wife mysteriously disappears in 1967 leaving him to raise five daughters on his own. The girls are soon taken and raised by Parson Blackstock and his wife and Earnest Wayward never sees them again.

Forty years later, when Charlotte Hope, a 32-year-old journalist researches the commercial fishing industry in Prince Edward County, she stumbles upon the story of the Wayward family and becomes hooked on discovering the truth of what happened to them.

While her journey takes her across North America and Europe, she becomes obsessed with reconciling the girls with their father before he dies.  In her quest, Charlotte unlocks secrets from the past that are perhaps better left buried, like old wrecks at the bottom of the sea.

For more information, including an excerpt from Tanya‘s novels, please visit www.tanyamcooper.com of visit www.amazon.com  www.amazon.ca  www.chapters.ca , www.barnes&noble.com or www.amazonkindle.com


3 thoughts on “About Tanya M. Cooper

  1. @captvern – you made me cry – so true, your observations – he is dearly missed – from the east end of Roatan – where its always quiet.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    I have subscribed to your blog over 6-7 months ago but stopped receiving any posts over the pasts months.
    Have you stopped blogging ?

    Thank you for your positive insight, I miss it !


    • Hi Arielle
      Thanks for writing. I was actually working on compiling my posts into a book so technically I did stop posting. My book should be coming out this fall. Hope to begin a new series soon. Hope all is well!

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