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Financial Freedom: Breathe Your Way to Success! Part 3 of 5

woman breathing

What does breathing have to do with our financial freedom?

If you can, for one moment, imagine that money has the same characteristics as oxygen, the analogy I am about to discuss, will be much easier to understand.
We need oxygen to live. We do not have to create it, find it, discover it, work for it or pay for it. It is essential to life functioning and functioning well. It was here before we arrived via our birth and it will be here after we leave our physical bodies. The way in which we receive oxygen is also not our responsibility in that our subconscious minds are already programmed to cause our bodies – from the time we take our first breath until the time we take our last – to regulate when and how much oxygen we inhale and exhale without even having to give it a second thought.

What if we could get our minds around the idea that money – in its essence – which is simply energy, just like oxygen – is exactly the same way. Our conscious minds might have a difficult time accepting that like oxygen, we do not have to create money, find it, discover it, work for it or pay for it. It is also essential to life functioning and functioning well. It was here before we arrived via our birth and it will be here after we leave our physical bodies. The way in which we receive money is also not our responsibility in that our subconscious minds are already programmed to cause our bodies to regulate when and how much money we take in and give out without even having to give it a second thought.
Is this difficult for you to get your mind around?

Why? Because we have been told, taught, programmed, lectured to regarding the fact that “money doesn’t grow on trees, it is not free, it needs to be created, earned, found, and worked really hard for!”
Our parents did not tell us this about oxygen or breathing because our parents knew from their experience that it was simply provided for us, no questions asked. We have an abundance of oxygen each and every day – never do we have to worry or fret about it – never have we been taught to worry or fret about it.
Imagine if this were true of money.
What if we had never been taught to worry or fret about it and we had known from the time we were born that it would be provided to us?

The only difference between those of us in abundance and those in lack is this belief. Whenever a person begins to choose to believe that money, like oxygen is their birth-right simply because they were born and given the exact same opportunities as any other human, they begin to allow and receive money easily, no questions asked.

Unfortunately, most of us – especially those of us who had parents or grandparents who grew up during the depression – were taught that money was lacking and that if we wanted to have any, we better work hard, save it, sometimes hoard it, and certainly not waste it on frivolous or fun things. This very belief is the very thing that has caused most of us to be lacking money at some point in our lives.
If we had been taught from birth that oxygen was not free and we had to work for it, we would most certainly be focusing on our breath, making sure we were breathing all the time and working hard at keeping ourselves alive. However, the entire time, our Divine Intelligence is more than happy to provide it for us, but because we insist on doing it for ourselves, It lets us.

We wouldn’t be able to do much else of course, but that’s okay, because at least we’d be alive.
Fortunately for us, our parents were not born into a world where oxygen was scarce or hard to find – one day, if we keep up with the consumeristic rat-race of producing things and having pollution as the by-product, our children or grandchildren may very well end up in a society that teaches just that: “For heaven’s sake, don’t waste oxygen by running around or playing or having fun – there’s barely enough to go around!”
This is what we’ve been directly or indirectly taught about money.
Let me ask you something: Why on earth would our loving Universal Intelligence be utterly generous when it comes to oxygen and the life-creating substance and then turn around and be stingy in other areas of our lives? It doesn’t make sense.

The Universal Intelligence does not waver in its abundance of the things we need and desire on this earth – it simply responds to our belief systems as an individual and a society. If we believe that money is hard to find; it will be. If we believe that we have to work really, really hard to earn it; it will let us do just that.
So how do we return to what we knew as babies – that everything we needed would be provided for us?
When we took our first breath we knew instantly what it was to have the life-giving gift of breath and we often take it for granted. The first thing we need to do is become aware of our breathing and demonstrate our gratitude for it – for oxygen and the ability to receive it.
30 second Breathing Exercise that could change your life:
Step # 1:  Take a deep breath in and as you breath, say: “Thank you for oxygen!” and when you exhale say: “Thank you for my ability to breathe!”

Step # 2: On the next breath, say: “Thank you for money (you can insert the word of your choice – prosperity, financial freedom, success, love)!” and when you exhale say: “Thank you my ability to receive it!”

Do this as many times as you can or become aware of your breath during the day!
Even if you are sceptical; even if you do not believe a word you’ve read, practice this exercise for 30 seconds whenever you can today and in the next few days. What have you got to lose?
What you have to gain is a great exercise in breathing which always relaxes us, slows our heart rate and sends endorphins throughout our entire system and perhaps, just like oxygen is always provided and in abundance, your financial health may begin to increase as well!

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Manifesting – Working too Hard = Hemorrhoids and Other Annoying Manifestations – Part 6 of Top 10 Series

Donkey working too hard

While I am convinced that the more we begin to think, speak and act positively and raise our vibrational level, the more we will begin to feel better and manifest things in our lives; I too, recognize that we must not overwork ourselves at it either.  Otherwise, we can also create negative effects by putting too much pressure on ourselves and actually manifest something we do not really want or need.

What do we do when this happens? Well, I decided I needed to add a little humour to my blog (another great way to lift our vibrational energy is to laugh) . Hence, I am including a somewhat embarrassing, yet humourous story today of how I manifested something I certainly did not desire.  However, this annoying manifestation has helped me to become aware that I was working too hard at manifesting or trying to change things in my life.  Of course, now that I have rid myself of it; I’ve been able to see the humour in it.

I was out at a movie the other night and became suddenly aware that it hurt to sit and to sit for any length of time.  Okay, so I realized that I have a little annoying problem – I had developed a hemorrhoid.  If you don’t know what that is, consider yourself lucky (and maybe look it up and spare me detailing it here in my blog) and if you do know, then you can empathize with my situation.  At the very least they are annoying and in some cases can cause quite a lot of problems for people.

I thought to myself, “here I am doing my positive affirmations that ‘I am in perfect health’, I’m working out, making regular trips to get a massage and generally taking really good care of my physical body, while nourishing my inner spirit with affirmations so how can I end up with a hemorrhoid?’  Well, off I went to do research about what thinking pattern or belief or emotion causes an outward manifestation such as this.

Much to my amazement, I discovered that a hemorrhoid actually can signify two things.  Firstly, it can mean that one is actually ridding themselves of “waste” and things (emotions/beliefs) from the past that they no longer need.  Okay, this seemed to be in alignment with all of the spiritual work I have been doing.  Secondly, this little manifestation can also signify that one is working way too hard at achieving something in their life and they are straining and putting so much pressure on themselves that they literally are pushing/forcing things in their life.  This is never what we want.

When we are intending to manifest anything in our lives, if we are doing it healthily then it should not feel like pressure; but instead, feel easy and as if “everything is falling into place.”  So what can we do when we manifest the things – big and small – that we don’t want in our lives and we realize we’re working way too hard at it?

The first thing I did as I said was to research what emotion or belief or issue is behind it; the second thing is to find an affirmation that counterbalances it.  One of the best ones is:  “I now allow things to come easily to my life” and “I am calm and I am faithful that I have all I need now.”

We must take the pressure off of ourselves and fully trust that it is the Universal Intelligence and energy that actually brings to us the things we need and desire.  Whenever we find ourselves working too hard or really working at all to manifest something in which we need or desire than we are out of alignment with the Universe and the Divine Intelligence because it never has to “work” at anything; it simply IS abundance, prosperity, love, calm, faith and so on.

I also calmed down and took a break from affirmations for a day, realizing that I had put out to the Universe what I desired and needed – it already knows – and I could trust that it would align itself in order to bring me these things.  Lo and behold, as I have been affirming for prosperity, I got an unexpected discount of thirty dollars off one of my bills yesterday and an unexpected cheque from my property management for interest for the year.

So before you strain or push yourself too hard and develop an annoying manifestation such as the one aforementioned, always remember that sometimes simply thinking positively and enjoying your life, but doing nothing is the best way to allow the Universe to do the work for us.  I am happy to say my little manifestation disappeared as quickly as it appeared and I thanked my body for communicating to me the lesson I had to learn from it.

Our bodies are a wonderful communication tool – they are essentially the mediator between our inner souls and our mind informing us through pain, disease, rashes etc. when we are out of alignment with our true, loving inner selves.  Hence, we are to be thankful to our bodies for whatever they manifest and always keep in mind they are simply trying to tell us something and miraculously when we listen, these issues often disappear.

Journaling with our bodies or specific body parts can be a wonderful tool to discover what it is trying to tell us.  The next time you have a pain, ache, rash or annoying little manifestation such as the one I had, I encourage you to sit down (unless it hurts too much!) and ask what it’s trying to tell you and then trust that what “it” writes you back is truth.  Listen to its advice – you may just be  surprised at the wisdom it has to offer you and how it can help you to heal yourself!